My3DToyis a 3d printing company. Instead of flat 2D, pictures, easily get a 3D printed version of yourself, your family, and friends! So 3D Selfies make for fun desk toys, great holiday gifts, unique display pieces, or anything you can think of! Hence they’re a great way to capture special moments in life in a new, unique way. Get a 3d clone of yourself or anyone. Your favorite character, celebrity, etc. As a result, now you can preserve your special moments with 3D selfies. 3D miniature

We Are Your Favourite, Online 3D Store.

We are design and 3D printed toy provider agency.

Started from the idea of providing unique and innovative gifts. We have youngas well as experiences artists to work on your 3D models.3D modeling is a wayto provide your real miniature like a toy. You can capture your memories byhaving 3D model of those moment and mobile phone selfies are old fashioned nowa days. It’s time for 3D Toy.

We had started to provide these services 3 years ago to foreigner clients.After that, we decided to take this technology in India.

Now, we are here with new idea and technology for you.

Delivery of Order

3 weeks for Printing/ Production, Method: Machine – It’s get printed in 3D Printing Machine

Refund Policy

No refund will be entertained once order is placed. Because it includes our designing and manufacturing cost.